Session 35
Saturday, April 21, 1:00pm – 3:00pm
AMC/LOEWS Boston Common: 175 Tremont St. Boston

THE GAME                                 Running time: 5 min

Somewhere between life and death a thrilling chess match
takes place. The stake is high - a gateway to the world of
living. And the sole referee of this exciting tournament is a
figure no one wish to meet in their path.

Director: Marcin Janiec
Writer: Marcin Janiec
Producers: Arkadiusz Paziewski and Tomasz Paziewski
Genre: Animation
Country: Poland


FAITH                                Running time: 12 min

During a stakeout, Mack & Eddie, longtime friends and
partners at the NYPD, discover they share a secret that will
destroy the bonds of trust and loyalty between them.

Director and Writer: Erik Pagan
Producers: Erik Pagan, Corey Deckler, and Laura
Cast: Matt Servitto, Robert Neal Marshall, Steve Rimpici,
and Whitney White
Country: United States


Aashpordha                         Running time 13 min

What happens when a father scolds his daughter?
Meltdown of an entire community. Set in Calcutta, India,
Aashpordha is a dark comedy about patriarchal authority
and nosy neighbors.

Writer, Director: Anirban Roy


CLEANING HOUSE                        Running time: 14 min

In 'Cleaning House', a death in the family thrusts a mother
and daughter back into the same house after years of
resentful separation, prompting a compelling confrontation.

Director: Catherine Giarrusso
Producers: Catherine Giarrusso and Bryan Margaca
Cast: Amanda Collins and Karin Trachtenberg
Country: United States


THE PARACHUTE BALL          Running time: 20 min

Set during World War II, on a secluded farm in Kent, two
elderly and eccentric women are unexpectedly called to
duty one night when they discover an unconscious
German pilot, hanging from his parachute in their tree.

Director and Producer: Peter Boothby
Writer: Peter Boothby
Cast: Ania Marson, Keagan Van De Merwe, Lars Van
Riesen, Lucas Hansen, Maroussia Frank
Country: United Kingdom


TURNAROUND   Running time 30 min

After a pleading phone call from his dad, an estranged son
returns home where he meets with his childhood friend and
a former "employee." Meanwhile, Fred's father awaits him
with a family secret that will soon show him how sometimes
our choices in life can turnaround our destiny.

Writer, Director: Patrick Jerome
Cast:  Clairemise Montero,  Reza Breakstone,  Scott
Neufville,  Shor'ty Billups,  Kathryn Woods and Eilenne
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