Session 34
Saturday, April 21, 11:00am – 12:30pm
AMC/LOEWS Boston Common: 175 Tremont St. Boston
THE WEDDING RING        Running time: 15 min

An Alzheimer's patient in a nursing home cannot
even acknowledge her daughter and son-in-law
who are visiting. But her mind is not as inactive as
people believe. She doesn't respond to her
daughter's attempts to talk to her, yet her mind
conjures up memories of the life that she once lived
and the child she once was. Her vacant stare belies
the images, the activity, that stories that
reverberate inside her head. For her, these mental
images are very real; so real, in fact, that when her
daughter and son-in-law leave, she, slowly,
methodically, gets up, inconspicuously walks out of
the nursing home, and goes in search of them.

Director: James Babanikos
Writers: James Babanikos and Sean Webley
Producers: James Babanikos and Tim Sorel
Cast: Lorraine Kirkland, Ayla Maria Babanikos,
Brian Fusch, Houston Wells, Jenny Rebecca Hill,
Laura Mac-Knight Maule and Solomon Wells
Country: United States


MY DECISION              Running time: 78 min

My Decisions is a feature documentary film directed
by the Academy Award winning filmmakers Fisher
Stevens and Mark Monroe (The Cove, 2010). It is a
global film that spans five continents and follows a
series of people making decisions that affect
themselves, their communities, and the world. The
film also features experts on the cutting edge of
neurological and social science, including Harvard
psychology professor, Joshua Greene, bestselling
author of “How we Decide”, Jonah Lehrer, Duke
professor of economics, Dan Ariely, and author of
“The Art of Choosing”, Sheena Iyengar. Our
experts argue that even our smallest choices end
up defining us, and that our insignificant decisions
have the power to determine our fate and the world
around us.

Directors: Fisher Stevens and Mark Monroe
Producers: Fisher Stevens and Rebecca Chaiklin
Country: United States
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