Session 33
Friday, April 20, 10:00pm – 11:55pm
AMC/LOEWS Boston Common: 175 Tremont St. Boston

GRUDGE MATCH        Running time: 7 min

Talking sausages. Flying nachos. Evil burgers. When
Mike tries to maintain his new diet at a Super Bowl party
full of food, all hell breaks loose.

Director and Writer: Paul Villanova
Producers: Ed Merritt and Paul Villanova
Cast: Matt Carbo, Dennis Hurley, Paul Villanova, Pete
MacIntyre, Randy Coll, Susan Travers, Carlos Ramos
(voice), and Laura McCarthy (voice)
Country: United States


Running time: 105 min

It is a live action film that is set in a world where the
undead have risen and can be tamed to live peacefully
with humans.  People have been split between those
who support undead rights and those who do not.  
Andrew and Emily, from either camp, meet and start to
fall in love, while Brian just struggles to fit in.  It is
social/political, story of struggle and a romantic love
story all wrapped into one.

Cast: Sarah Nicklin, Brandon Luis Aponte,  Cat Miller,  
Erin M. Olson,  Gio Castellano, Ken Breese,  Kevin
Killavey,  Mary Paolino,  Samantha Acampora,  Sarah
McLean,  Spencer Emanuel.
Writer, Directors: Daniel Lee White
Country: United States
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