Session 31
Friday, April 20, 6:00pm – 7:45pm
AMC/LOEWS Boston Common: 175 Tremont St. Boston
ONE FINAL FLOWER                Running time: 5 min

A narrative poem that shows the experience and
emotions of a child that has to deal with the loss of a
loved one.

Director: Peter Rodriguez
Producer: Chris Gaines
Country: United States


PILLOW TALK                   Running time: 6 min

As Alice explores her sexual fantasy she also has to
examine her marriage when her husband asks her to do
the same..

Director and Writer: Geoffrey Marschall
Cast: Jenny Dempster and Perry Ojeda
Country: United States


EMMA                                Running time: 93 min

Emma is an anxious teenager who doesn't express
herself provocation and risk appetite unlike her
half-brother Jerome.  She is quiet, she observes and
she thinks often about death: is it like boredom, rest or

In the holiday house at the seaside as every summer,
Jerome comes with his friend Vincent.  Emma and
Vincent knew each other since childhood.  This summer
everything changes.

Cast: Rebecca Marder, Eric Caravaca, Julie Gayet,
Maria Pacome, Francois Civil, Leo Legrand, Caroline
Proust, David Chausse and Stella Trotonda.
Directors: Alain Tasma and Thomas Anargyros
Writer: Alain Tasma
Producer: Edouard De Vésinne
Country: France
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