Session 30
Friday, April 20, 4:00pm – 5:30pm
AMC/LOEWS Boston Common: 175 Tremont St. Boston
PATRIOCRACY                 Running time: 86 min

Americans are polarized and angry. The loudest
voices drown out reason and facts with fear and
anxiety. Patriocracy explores the anger and frustration
in America that are crippling the country from tackling
its most serious problems. An all-star list of Senators,
Congressmen/women, top Washington journalists,
pundits and academia give their rare and
comprehensive insights into the factors behind
extreme polarization and possible solutions to move
beyond the situation. Former Senator Alan Simpson,
Ken Rudin (NPR), Bob Schieffer (CBS News), Pat
Buchanan (MSNBC), Senator Kent Conrad are just a
few of the high level Washington personalities who
offer their valuable perspectives in their own words.
Patriocracy drills down to dramatically illustrate the
real forces that are driving a wedge into the middle
ground of America.

Director: Brian Malone
Producers: Brian Malone and Cindy Malone
Cast: Alan Simpson, Bob Schieffer, Eleanor Clift,
Gene Policinski, Jason Chaffetz, Kent Collins, Kent
Conrad, Kiki McLean, Pat Buchanan, Rep. Jared
Polis, Rep. Jason Altmire, Rep. Robert Andrew, Rep.
William Cassidy, Sen. Mark Udall, Sen. Mark Warne,
Sheila Jackson Lee, Stephen Wayne, William Galston,
Rep. Todd Young, Rep. Henry Cuella, Jim Cooper
Country: United States
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