Session 28
Thursday, April 19, 9:00pm – 11:30pm
AMC/LOEWS Boston Common: 175 Tremont St. Boston
Running time: 11 min

The morning after an intense house party, the
famous host and his group of friends realize that one
of them has passed away from an overdose. But as
the day progresses they will understand that it wasn't
an accident.

Director and Writer: Konstantinos Mousoulis
Producers: Marina Dimitra Yele and Michael Angels
Cast: Christina Sadeh, Michael Angels, Montgomery
Markland, Filio Biniarou, Joanna Kalafatis, Louise
Rheas, and Phil Apoian
Country: United States


THE POND                    Running time: 20 min

Shelly is  a young woman distraught over the death
of her husband. She sets to scatter his ashes on the
pond of an apple orchard that they had both loved.
But the waters of the pond hold a secret, and when a
stranger appears unexpectedly, she learns the truth
about this stunning locale.

Director and Writer: Dan Hannon
Producer: Francine DiChiara
Cast: Alicia Witt, David Morse, Bill Conner, and Todd
Country: United States


DEAD INSIDE               Running time: 83 min

Sarah, a mentally disturbed teen, has a jarring
premonition of her friends' impending their deaths
during a sleepover. As her house guests begin to
turn murderously against each other, Sarah must
determine whether her visions represent the
preventable, the inevitable... or something entirely
more sinister.

Writer and Producer: Jennifer Zhang
Director: Pearry Teo
Country: United States
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