Session 21
Wednesday, April 18, 2:30pm – 4:30pm
AMC/LOEWS Boston Common: 175 Tremont St. Boston

Running time: 30 min

Can one person truly make a difference? Marion
Stoddart: The Work of 1000 tells the inspiring
story of how a remarkable woman saved a dying
river--for herself, for the community and for
future generations--and became an
environmental hero honored by the United

Director and Producer: Susan Edwards
Writer: Dorie Clark
Country: United States


SAVAGE MEMORY   Running time: 77 min

Savage Memory uses the controversies
surrounding the legacy of the founding father of
British Anthropology to explore powerful
questions surrounding history and the ways in
which it is created as well as memory and it's
fluidity. It also explores the imprints of the spirits
of the dead. Told through the lens of Bronislaw
Malinowski's great grandson, the film weaves
familial and historical perspectives with rich verite
moments in the site of Malinowski's field work -
the Trobriand Islands, an archipelago off the
coast of Papua New Guinea.

Director and Producer: Kelly Thomson and
Zachary Stuart
Country: Australia, Papua New Guinea, Poland
and United Kingdom

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