Session 20
Tuesday, April 17, 8:00pm – 10:00pm
AMC/LOEWS Boston Common: 175 Tremont St. Boston
FIRST WORDS        Running time: 7 min

Sometimes their first word is the last thing you want to

Director and Writer: Fabien Melanson
Producer: Simon Thibault
Cast: Beth Amiro and Eric Noel
Country: Canada


REUNION                          Running time: 20 min

A reunion with a long lost childhood friend uncovers
secrets that give the suicidal daughter of a dying
preacher a second chance at life.

Director and Writer: Jason Wong
Cast: Jessika Van and Tadamori Yagi
Country: United States


AZIENDA                               Running time: 65 min

Story revolves around 2 brothers raised by their
Grandfather who is head of the Mafia. Through a series
of events the Grandfather is killed and the boys then go
on a journey to find the killers.

Director: Joshua A. Webber and Michael Girgenti
Writer: Michael Girgenti
Producers: Douglas Bierman, Jun Yu, and Eleni
Cast: Bill T. Williams, Eleni Symeonides, Joey Napoli,
Joshua A. Webber, Michael Girgenti, Zach Silverman,
Jay Giannone, Elizabeth Friedman, Douglas Bierman,
Bahram Khosraviani, and Angela Degrazia
Country: United States
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