Session 2
Saturday, April 14, 11:00am – 1:00pm
AMC/LOEWS Boston Common: 175 Tremont St. Boston
IRA FINKELSTEIN’S CHRISTMAS                        
Running time: 90 min

Ira J. Finkelstein is obsessed with Christmas. He's seen
every Christmas movie ever made and his dreams are
filled with reindeer, sleigh rides and SNOW. The problem?
Ira's Jewish - and at 11 years old, Christmas is passing him
by. When Ira's hopes for a holiday vacation in Aspen are
dashed, he hatches a plan to finally get the Christmas of
his dreams. Flying unaccompanied to visit his
grandparents in Florida, he swaps tickets with Mikey,
another 11-year-old on his way to Christmastown, WA. Ira
gets more than he bargained for when he experiences his
first 'White Christmas'.

Director: Sue Corcoran
Writers: Angie Louise, Douglas Horn, and Sue Corcoran
Producers: Jane Charles, Susan LaSalle, and Sue
Cast: Cynthia Geary, David DeLuise, Elijah Nelson, and
Elliott Gould
Country: United States


Running time: 2 min

A TV documentary crew debate the ethics of saving a
drowning polar bear.

Writer and Director: Norm Fassbender
Producer: Kate Holowach
Genre: Animation
Country: Canada


MY MIND                                Running time: 4 min

My Mind celebrates the power of imagination and mind.
Beautifully mixing hand-drawn and digital animation, it
follows the journey of a butterfly girl born from the
imagination. Her flight takes us across oceans, through
cities and we watch her as she 'places the sun upon the
horizon' and balances on the arm of a record player which
soulfully scratches out the melancholic rhythm of an
acoustic guitar. As she transcends the confines of the
mundane and dances upon the clouds, we are reminded of
the joy of our own creativity and the power of our minds.

Director and Producer: Jason Harrington
Writer: Jason Harrington
Voice: Stacey Leone
Genre: Animation
Country: United States


Running time: 4 min

Simon is a workaholic without any social contact. Gradually
his world becomes smaller and smaller until there is
nothing left in his world but only his work. Finally, this
severely impacts and wakes him up. Now, Simon has to
find the right way to bring his life back before is too late...

Director and Producer: Shu-Hsuan Lin
Writer: Shu-Hsuan Lin
Genre: Animation
Country: Taiwan


THISTLE                                     Running time: 5 min

Thistle is a stop motion animation project using paper cut
out puppets, large-scale water color backgrounds, and
some 2D animation elements. One day a starling meets a
thistle girl, and pecks out her eye...

Director and Producer: Sarah Eason
Genre: Animation
Country: United States


THE GAME                                 Running time: 5 min

Somewhere between life and death a thrilling chess match
takes place. The stake is high - a gateway to the world of
living. And the sole referee of this exciting tournament is a
figure no one wish to meet in their path.

Director: Marcin Janiec
Writer: Marcin Janiec
Producers: Arkadiusz Paziewski and Tomasz Paziewski
Genre: Animation
Country: Poland

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