Session 14 A
Monday, April 16, 11:00pm – 12:30pm
AMC/LOEWS Boston Common: 175 St. Boston
Bullied to Silence        Running time: 87 min

Bullied to Silence is a must see that provides hope
and a path for change to anyone who has ever
witnessed or experienced being bullied or a bully.
More than a feature documentary, this 2012 film
empowers you to Be the Change to stop verbal
bullying. Bullied to Silence focuses exclusively on
hateful and hurtful words and cyber bullying. It gives
a voice to the bullied and allows dozens of youth from
all walks of life, ethnicities, physical challenges,
sexual orientations, communities, and ages to tell
their stories.

Director:Tami Pivnick
Writer: Susan Broude
Producer: Susan Broude

Cast: Adam Smith, Allie Whitney, Barak Obama,
Blake Gaylord, Brett Loewenstern, Bridget Pettis,
Caleb Laieski, Casey Heyneis, Conor Duffey, Dalton
Letorney, David Horowitz, Hayley Reardon, Jared
Polis, Jason Lalli, Jennifer Ehrentraut Segro, John
Conway, Katherine Veayo, Kevin Epling, Kristen
Veayo, Lynda-Rose Vecchiarello, Merik Castro,
Michelle Borba, Michelle Obama, Nikki Kontz,
Veronica Winters-Everly, William Lagenbach and
Michael & Marisa.
Country: United States
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