Session 14
Monday, April 16, 12:45pm – 2:40pm
AMC/LOEWS Boston Common: 175 St. Boston
MY SUMMER IN THE CITY        Running time: 21 min

My Summer in the City is a documentary about the
organizations around Boston that benefit from The
Boston Foundation's $710,000 grant to open parks and
playgrounds for families in the area.

Director: Jonathan Rizzo
Writers: Jonathan Rizzo and Justin Maloney
Producer: Nick Dulchinos
Voice: Arthur Wahlberg
Country: United States


TEACH, Teachers are Talking.
Is the nation listening?
Running time: 94 min

Teachers are Talking, Is the Nation Listening? is a film
that features conversations about the art of teaching
and learning by teachers themselves. TEACH brings an
important perspective to the national education debate
that is currently being dominated by a corporate led
agenda to privatize education and blame teachers for
everything that is wrong with education in this country.
This movie takes on many questions about No Child Left
Behind, high stakes testing, unequal distribution of
education resources, and schools dominated by data
driven curriculum instead of providing an education that
is dynamic, creative, exciting, and joyful.

Cast: Teachers and Public Education Activists
Director: Robert Lamothe
Producers: Robert Lamothe and Marc Gurvitch
Country: United States
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