Session 10
Sunday, April 15, 2:45pm – 5:00pm
AMC/LOEWS Boston Common 175 Tremont St. Boston

NEIGHBORS                                 Running time: 14 min

Have you ever been in a competition with a friend or
neighbor? Well Timothy Longshanks has been for years. And
now he's on a mission to win that competition no matter the
cost. But his unaware, gentle-giant of a neighbor, Big Al,
always has what Tim just got, or better. A journey of one-
upmanship ensues leading Tim to the far corners of the world
and back again. His mania ultimately leads him down a path
of no return ending in hilariously disastrous results.

Director and Writer: Judd Cherry
Producers: Rae Cherry, Kennedy Davey, and Ned Adams
Cast: David Anders, Gregory Thompson, Derek Reckley,
Jimmy Dinh, Katherine Randolph, Mams Taylor, and Scott
Country: United States.


CAUGHT                                        Running time: 19 min

Hannah has spent her life trying to do the right thing, but
despite her efforts she cannot catch a break or win the
sought after affection of her mother, nor the respect of her
brother. Hannah finds solace in baseball from the time she is
young. This family strife culminates on the ball-field when
Hannah's co-ed team is up against Robbie’s in the playoffs.

Director: Elizabeth Page
Writer: Lori Martini

Producers: Lori Martini, Maria Rusolo, Elizabeth Page
Cast: Daniel Braver, Lori Martini, Kobe Lee, Jeff Campanella,
Jay Ferraro, Jason Keith Davis, Gerri Blanco, Geisha Otero,
Dora Peralta, Catherine Sperduto, Catherine Curtin Carson
Grant, Cameron Ocasio, Nicole Balsam, Robert Liander,
Rachel Lu, Nicole Blanco, Alex Kraft, Alexis Suarez, Amy
Metroka, Anne Koloski, Bobby Guarino, Bridget Dorrity, and
Bruce Kronenburg.
Country: United States


FRENCH IMMERSION                  Running time: 98 min

FRENCH IMMERSION is a bilingual comedy about five Anglos
from different parts of Canada –actually four Anglos and one
New Yorker– who come to a remote town in Northern Quebec
in order to learn French. The language school is run with an
iron fist and one rule: NO ENGLISH. Think of it as summer
camp for Adults. A very strict summer camp. Students who
sneak off to a bar to speak a little English quickly find out that
everyone in town is a spy. By the time the two weeks is up,
neither they nor the town will ever be the same.

Director: Kevin Tierney
Writers: Jefferson Lewis and Kevin Tierney
Producers: Claude Bonin and Kevin Tierney
Cast: Fred Ewanuick, Gavin Crawford, Karine Vanasse,
Martha Burns, Olunike Adeliyi, Pascale Bussieres, and
Robert Charlebois
Country: Canada
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