Session 8
Sunday, April 14, 11:00am – 12:30pm
AMC/LOEWS Boston Common: 175 Tremont St. Boston
3 Secrets of Success                         11 minutes

On the day that Li is officially hired at the company of
his dreams, a few days of getting married, he will learn
from his boss' wife that trust is relative, win-win
situations can be biased and in the road for success
there are no recipes but it is fate that rules. Three
secrets for success is a black comedy situated at the
heart of the Chinese contemporary society where the
smell of success is all over the facade but reality tells
another story.

Director, Writer: Arturo Casares Cortina
Producer: Rongling Wang
Cast: Si Yu Yao, Wen Tao Zhou, Gonzalo Alvarado
China, Mexico


One Night in Nampho                        13 minutes

Two American girls recently traveled to North Korea to
see the celebrations for the 100th Birthday
Anniversary of Kim Il Sung. The night before the
anniversary, they had to leave the capital Pyongyang
to stay at a hotel in a small town called Nampho. Their
tour group decided to have their own celebration that
night. They were joined by the hotel staff and their
North Korean officers - Shiny Suit and Mr. Bak.
Throughout the tour the officers had been very serious
and hardly interacted with the girls - until that night.
Before coming to North Korea, the girls thought they
would only experience what they had seen in
documentaries, but they had never expected to
experience what happened that night in Nampho.

Directors: Jora Frantzis, Rashida Taher
Cast: Rashida Taher, Jora Frantzis
Country: USA/ North Korea


Golden Illuminations                        66 minutes

Golden Illuminations takes us on a pilgrimage of
exploration into our spiritualized cosmos by shining a
light on the surprisingly interrelated themes of Gulick’s
Sacred Geometry, basketball’s origins, spiritual
realization, traditional symbolism, modern science and
the Golden Ratio.

Director: John Fitzsimmons Mahoney
Country: USA