Session 6
Saturday, April 13, 8:00pm – 9:40pm
AMC/LOEWS Boston Common: 175 Tremont St. Boston
Fight Scene                                        4 minutes

A man decides to walk home after his car breaks down
in a bad part of town.

Director, Producer, Writer: Jim Ford
Cast: Jim Ford, Marc Guild
Country: USA

You Shall Not Eat Delicious Food        12min

Adam, 8 years old Jewish orthodox boy rebels by
skipping class. When he comes across people eating
pork he is tempted to go against his family belief.

Director: Elie-Jonas Elmaleh
Country: Canada


Pain Love & Passion                        80 minutes

What would you do if you only have a few years to
live? Have you ever though about it? Miguel has no
other choice. Inspired by true events, comes the story
about a young man diagnosed with a brain
malformation, in which the doctors say he won't get to
see past the age of thirty. Miguel is continuously there
for the girl of his dreams, but never expressing it. He
finds himself torn with his childhood friend Jason, and
making enemies along the way. Caught up with
unwanted drama, which causes the stress, that causes
the headaches, which worsen his condition. Cheating
and lies, caught between two great girls, fighting to
live, wanting to express his love is the premiere of Pain
Love & Passion.

Cast: Derek Mclaurin. Maria Betance, Alexis Diaz and
Eric W. Espinosa
Director: Dahiana Torres
Country: USA