Session 39-B
Sunday, April 21, 11:00am – 1:00pm
AMC/LOEWS Boston Common: 175 Tremont St. Boston

The Altered Lives of LaVonne Sallee'         12min

'The Altered Lives of LaVonne Sallee'' is a short documentary
that profiles an altered barbie artist. LaVonne Salle' stumbled
upon a gallery of altered barbies while walking on Market st. in
San Francisco, CA. She became fascinated with this world and
soon began making altered barbies herself and quickly
becoming one of the featured altered barbie artists for the
altered barbie show that takes place every year in her city. Her
humor is infused in every piece that she makes and it has
become a highlight of her barbie art work. She inspires and
amuses people from different walks of life and in a way alters
their world just a bit. Welcome to the world of 'The Altered lives
of LaVonne Salle''

Director: Jazmin Jamias
Country: USA

The Learning Curve                                 9min

School teacher Grace Leonard finds her former student Lenny,
now 22, at her front door seven years after being in her middle
school German class. Lenny's plan is to confront Grace about
her sexual advances towards him as a young teenager so he
can forgive and move on with his life, however, his well thought
out plan goes horribly wrong when Grace doesn't react as he

Director: Scott Eriksson
Country: USA

"Keys. Wallet. Phone."                          11min

A woman seeks peace over breakfast in a cafe. But peace is
not to be found this morning...

Director: Juliet Lashinsky-Revene
Country: Germany

Pear                                                         14min

Every night the same dilemma: What to eat? Who's
responsible? Pear explores the struggles of a modern day
couple, as they negotiate the politics of dinner. What happens
when you have too many options but not enough time, energy Part social commentary, part farce, the film shows
that life is hard when it's not clear who's taking care of who.

Director: Krista Whetstone
Country: USA

Selina Trieff Will Not Stop                         10min

Artist Selina Trieff haltingly makes her way to her easel and
gets ready to paint. And insists she will keep painting and
drawing until her brush or pen drops from her hand. Selina
Trieff Will Not Stop is a humorous and touching portrait of a
fearless American artist. Trieff has been called an American
original by New York Times art critic John Russell.

Director: Marnie Crawford Samuelson
Country: USA


THIS KILLING BUSINESS                        90min

A darkly comic film noir where you root for the killer. We go
inside the mind of a psychopath, and it's fun. The violence isn't
just on the screen, it's in the mind of psychopath and how he
inflicts psychological hurt on the people around him. The film is
a morality play absent the morality. Jim's a strange man. At
once re-assuring and worrisome, dashing and creepy, peaceful
and one's sure what he's about, but then again, no
one's looking too closely at him and he's not revealing much -
at least not to the other characters in this story. To us, the
audience, he's telling us everything.

Director: Federico Muchnik
Country: USA