Session 36
Saturday, April 20, 3:30pm – 5:30pm
AMC/LOEWS Boston Common: 175 Tremont St. Boston
A Family Dinner                                         26min

Four adult children return home for a family dinner at
their parents' New England house for the first time
since the eldest son's marriage four years earlier,
when something happened to keep them apart.
Everyone joins in the cooking, gossip, laughter and
teasing, and they all enjoy a formal dinner together
until boundaries blur and tension and confrontation
between the brothers lead to a shocking discovery.
Exposed out in the open, this secret threatens to
destroy the delicately balanced dysfunction of the
family. Will this shatter their collective reality or will they
go on as if this ripple under the calm waters never
happened? This family is destined to repeat past
transgressions and keep secrets hidden from the
world, each other and themselves.

Director: Peter Davenport
Country: USA

The Space Jockey Pursuit                             103min

Space Jockey is Hollywood’s next big blockbuster and
the producers want to cast an unknown. And no one is
more unknown than Alvin Bernstein. A strict method
actor, Alvin always commits himself completely, and in
this case literally. For the past year, he has lived in a
mental institution doing character research. But to
break into Hollywood, Alvin must first break out of the
nuthouse. He finds an accomplice in his brother Tom, a
recent college graduate. Tom is uncertain about his
future. His father wants him to take over the family's
failing automotive business, but Tom wants something

Director: Brian Titshaw
Country: USA