Session 34
Saturday, April 20, 11:00am – 12:30pm
AMC/LOEWS Boston Common: 175 Tremont St. Boston
Machinehead                                         12min

Machinehead is a stop-motion short film that follows
a puppet as he travels through four unique rooms
representing different stages of intellectual and
spiritual development. Its an abstract representation
of someone trying to find meaning and purpose. The
short features puppet animation and pays homage
to revolutionary stop-motion artists such as Jan
Svankmajer and the Quay Brothers in style and

Director: Micah Gallagher
Country: USA

Graceland Girls                                 28min

Educating its adolescent girls has proven to be the
cornerstone of Kenyan development, yet so many
are denied equal access to education, social and
economic equality and respect. The half-hour
documentary Graceland Girls provides an intimate
look at how the high school students at Graceland
Girls School in central Kenya have, so far, defied the
odds. Using a combination of video and digital
photographs - taken by both the subjects and the
filmmaker - the girls express the beauty and
pressures of empowered Kenyan girlhood and share
their personal struggles to find hope for a better

Director: Jordan Salvatoriello
Country: Kenya

Calling                                                 50min

A cleaning man's wife lost her sanity; a smile buried
in oblivion. During the scorching mid-summer of
Shinjuku, Tokyo, a glimpse of a new life crosses the
man's eyes; a dream of becoming a painter. But he
continues to devote himself to his wife by giving up
his dream. One day, they headed deep into a forest,
the man believing in the moment of when her smile
would reappear again.

Director: Ryutaro Nakagawa
Country: Japan