Session 33
Friday, April 19, 10:00pm – 11:55pm
AMC/LOEWS Boston Common: 175 Tremont St. Boston
How War Ends                                         11min

Fifteen years after having left life under Pol Pot's
Khmer Rouge, two Cambodian brothers, one strong
enough to be able to now live with his traumatic
memories (Rithy) and the other unable to function in
life because of the trauma he experienced (Bunthon),
each argue their very different ideas about how to deal
with Bunthon's empty, painful life.

Directed by: Rock Chang and Scott Eriksson
Country: USA


THIS KILLING BUSINESS                        90min

A darkly comic film noir where you root for the killer.
We go inside the mind of a psychopath, and it's fun.
The violence isn't just on the screen, it's in the mind of
psychopath and how he inflicts psychological hurt on
the people around him. The film is a morality play
absent the morality. Jim's a strange man. At once
re-assuring and worrisome, dashing and creepy,
peaceful and one's sure what he's about,
but then again, no one's looking too closely at him and
he's not revealing much - at least not to the other
characters in this story. To us, the audience, he's
telling us everything.

Director: Federico Muchnik
Country: USA