Session 29
Friday, April 19, 2:00pm – 3:30pm
AMC/LOEWS Boston Common: 175 Tremont St. Boston
The Altered Lives of LaVonne Sallee'         12min

'The Altered Lives of LaVonne Sallee'' is a short
documentary that profiles an altered barbie artist.
LaVonne Salle' stumbled upon a gallery of altered
barbies while walking on Market st. in San Francisco,
CA. She became fascinated with this world and soon
began making altered barbies herself and quickly
becoming one of the featured altered barbie artists for
the altered barbie show that takes place every year in
her city. Her humor is infused in every piece that she
makes and it has become a highlight of her barbie art
work. She inspires and amuses people from different
walks of life and in a way alters their world just a bit.
Welcome to the world of 'The Altered lives of LaVonne

Director: Jazmin Jamias
Country: USA

The Girl Next Door                                 25min

In 1982 Theresa was 15 years old, a virgin from an
American-Irish catholic family and a straight A student.
Two years later she had sex with hundreds and
hundreds of men as a sex slave part of a billion dollar
industry that still exists today. Instead of turning to
drugs or committing suicide, she turns her horrifying
past into her calling, travels the country and helps
people who are being trafficked. This film tells Theresa’
s story from her recovery to her triumph as a public
speaker and abolitionist.

Director: Andrea Picco
Country: USA