Session 13
Sunday, April 14, 10:00pm – 11:55pm
AMC/LOEWS Boston Common: 175 Tremont St. Boston
Forked                                                         12min

ALLY BROWN, 13, hipster in a fedora, checks herself
out in the mirror, judging her body. Outside, a car horn
BLOWS. Ally runs out to meet VERONICA, 16, blond,
beautiful and not pleased with how Ally looks. She
makes the girl change and takes her to a park party.
Ally's new in town. Ally meets some boys and hits it off
with TOMMY, All-American and older. They head into
the tornado slide, flirt, kiss, play and she gets her
period. Blood on her hands, she slaps a teasing boy
named RAY. All the kids are mortified. Ray gets pay
back by vandalizing Ally's home. He leaves a message:
'HS Will B Hell.'

Director: Dan Ochwat
Country: USA


Now Boarding                                 90 min

Two strangers with nothing in common but a dream.  
Justina and Wagner work together at Rio's
International Airport. Wagner tries to escape as a
stowaway in a New York bound flight, but Wagner's
escape is aborted by Justina.  As the story unfolds,
Justina and Wagner develop a special friendship and
change each other's life in a posotive manner.

Cast: Jonathan Haagensen and Marilia Pera.
Director: Allan Fiterman
Country: Brazil