Session 11
Sunday, April 14, 5:30pm – 7:15pm
AMC/LOEWS Boston Common: 175 Tremont St. Boston
Say No to GMO                        1min

A hyperbolic public service announcement against the
production and consumption of genetically modified

Director, Producer: Catie Jones


Ocean Blvd                                17min

A photographer, Lewis, is presented with a dilemma
while working with a model. Later he returns home,
where his girlfriend teases him before going to a dinner
date with her sinister boss. After she's left he receives
an anonymous phone call that propels him into a
dangerous confrontation.

Cast: Bill Barclay, David Curtis, Erin Brehm,
Joel Colodner, Ruth Sullivan, Djim Reynolds.
Writer, Director, Producer: Simon Harling
Producer: Jon Guilbert.
Production Katherine Doyle

A Man's Desire for a Fifth Wife                90min

The Story of a Man’s Desire for a Fifth Wife narrates
the thousand year old’s aborigine intact cultural which
occurs in a village at the North of Afghanistan. A man
with old traditions wants to get married for a fifth time,
despite of having 4 wives.

Writer, Director: M. Sediq Abedi
Producer: Khan Murad Hamidi and Subruddin Rahmani
Cast: Shakhnaza Jabirwa, Waisuddin Samil, Takmina
Rajabova, Emam Berdihof, Saher Parniyan, Maymoona
Ghazai, Sahar Parniyan, Tahnima Jann, Farid
Boromand, Hamid Hemati.

Production: ALTINFILM Entertainments Inc.
Country: Afghanistan