Session 10
Sunday, April 14, 3:00pm – 5:00pm
AMC/LOEWS Boston Common: 175 Tremont St. Boston
Demi Pointe                                        29 minutes

This is a short fictional narrative about a young girl
who struggles to speak. As a selectively mute
child, Sydney retreats to her vivid imagination
during class and other situations where she may
be expected to verbally communicate, as a way to
escape her anxiety. Sydney begins to see a
Speech Therapist, who decides to take an
empathetic approach in therapy. As therapy
progresses, Sydney discovers her love for ballet,
and uses that as an outlet for communication.

Director, Writer: Talin Avakian
Producers: Eric Frere, Jack Penny
Cast: Sydney Penny, Rachel Scott, Robin Ann
Rapoport, Amy Freedman.

Country: USA


Wet Behind The Ears                        92 minutes

What do you do if you just graduated college?
Well, most people would say it's time to get a job.
But in a country where more than half of recent
college graduates are unemployed, it's more likely
that the end of college means moving back in with
your parents... Join Samantha Phelps on her
journey into the job market, where minimum wage
or jail time seem to be the only options. Wet
Behind the Ears takes a comical look at
joblessness and adjusting to the real world in a
way that will resonate with an underemployed

Writer, Director and Producer: Sloan Copeland
Producers: Margaret Keane Williams, Benjamin
Zimbric, Jessica Pervicenti
Cast: Doug Roland, Jessica Piervicenti, Margaret
Keane Williams, Rebecca Boughton
Country: USA