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About the Boston International Film Festival

The Boston International Film Festival was created to celebrate the art of filmmaking and to honor the filmmakers who make it all possible. This is a festival dedicated to rewarding artists for their individual talents and for their creative expression through the medium of film. The festival strives to bring together in Boston local, national and international filmmakers by promoting the world’s most artistic and creative independent and experimental films.

Our Goals
The festival’s goal is to encourage and support the work of worldwide independent filmmakers and to promote their products as an art concept and as a valuable contribution to world understanding.  The occasion of a 10-day festival affords a rare opportunity to promote dialogue between filmmakers and the audience in an intimate setting. The Festival Committee also hopes to provide an international cultural platform for screening feature-length, documentary, short and student works as a lasting institution.
The 2014 Festival will be held on April 11 – 21, 2014.

Please join us as we celebrate and promote the art of filmmaking with our participating  filmmakers, industry guests, and members of the international Press.